Being healthy and fit isn’t a fad or a trend, it’s a lifestyle

child nutrition

Importance of Nutrition and Child’s Learning Ability

We live in a time when our children face tremendous academic pressure. Parents strive to...

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safe breastfeeding after alcohol

Alcohol Free Breastmilk – Let’s find out the wait time!

I have come up with a calculator, with support from my team, to calculate the...

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Gut Nutrition for a Healthy You

A healthy gut is key for breaking down the food we eat and absorbing the...

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6 Interesting Facts About Your Gut Health

The importance of gut health is often neglected. Your gut does so much more than...

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Diabesity: The Twin Epidemics of Diabetes and Obesity

According to statistics, approximately 425 million adults in the age group of 20-79 years are...

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10 Ways To Sleep Better At Night!

A few years back after the birth of my second child, I had almost become...

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The End of Meat – Review from a Vegan Diet Follower

The End of Meat – A Vegan’s Review

“The problem is that humans have victimized animals to such a degree that they are...

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Baby Alcohol Ayurveda medicine

Are ayurvedic tonics safe during Breastfeeding?

While breastfeeding, we take utmost care to avoid alcohol, but in spite of all the...

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5 Simple Diet Tips for Weight Loss

Losing pounds doesn't have to be torturous. Often, people believe that crash diets which actually...

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