How to Stay Healthy on a Vacation?


I often come across clients asking me “Do you think it’s a good idea to come back from the vacation and detox?” They often find it challenging to stay healthy on a vacation. Well, how about having a healthy vacation without sacrificing the experience!!

Staying Healthy on a Vacation! Sounds “I’mPossible”

On a day-to-day basis, we all try to put in a routine to fit in our healthy habits and exercise regime. However, vacation is all about leisure, unwinding and letting go of things. So routine and leisure don’t go hand in hand. Having said that, what about the effort we put in all through the 4-5-6 months or sometimes a year too?? Does that mean that travel is unhealthy? Of course NOT!! Scientifically, it has been proved that travel is the most healthy experience. HOW??

  1. Travel exposes you to new environments that create new antibodies and helps improve your immunity.
  2. Traveling improves cognitive flexibility which means when you meet new people and new circumstances, your brain will be sharper and adaptability will get higher.
  3. It reduces stress. The regular day-to-day stress is released which helps you unwind.
  4. Travel can make you more mindful.
  5. Traveling makes you happy and happiness can last weeks after you have returned.

Now that you know that travel can make you mentally healthy, let us look at how can you remain physically healthy while you’re traveling?

1. Have a travel workout routine. 

If you travel frequently or plan to travel more often then have a travel workout routine. 15 minutes of quick workout every day can keep you energetic and help you maintain the routine without costing you much of your vacation time.

2. Carry way more snacks than you think you will consume.

Carrying snacks on travel can really come in handy. Stick to your routine of eating every 3-3.5hrs. When you carry snacks and munch on them from time to time you won’t get overly hungry and make unhealthy food choices. If you find it difficult to carry snacks, not to worry, every country mostly has supermarkets or local grocery stores where you can walk-in and buy local fruits, nuts, etc. Thus, you will also get to see the local offerings!

3. Do Not Skip Breakfast!

Holiday or not always have your breakfast. It can help fuel your body and stay energetic throughout the day.

4. Carry and keep emptying a water bottle. 

Where ever and whenever you can fill it in and keep yourself well hydrated during travel.

5. Eat Veggies at Every Meal

No matter what you eat, make sure that 50% of your meals have veggies. Thus, you would be enjoying the local delicacies and also adding up enough vitamins, minerals, and fiber in your diet.

6. Make a thorough research

Before you land, make a thorough research of the place and find out where the local market and supermarkets are located, Restaurants, walking and cycling trails. Knowing these things can help you by reaching out quickly.

7. Avoid Eating A heavy Meal Just before Bedtime

A heavy meal just before bedtime will make you gain weight.

8. Avoid Overdoing on the Beverages

The number of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages on the pool or beach might just go overboard and might leave you bloated. Hence, choose drinks wisely.

9.Carry Protein powder

Having a protein shake a couple of times in the day as a snack can avoid cravings and keep you away from reaching out to junk foods.

10. Avoid under eating

This is one common mistake people do who want to maintain their health. There is nothing healthy to eat so not eating at all is not the option. Eventually, that can make you even more unhealthy while also hampering your hormones. So don’t starve yourself.

Like a travel itinerary, it is important also to plan your food intake in the travel and keep staying healthy on vacation.

Some Snacks that you can carry

  • Thepla
  • Ragi  chips or soya sticks
  • Roasted channa, peas or makhana
  • Nuts of different varieties
  • Chikkis like Til, peanuts, rajgira, nuts
  • Homemade ladoos
  • Granola bars
  • Roasted seeds like pumpkin etc
  • Whole wheat mathris
  • Homemade Chivda mix

It’s a good idea to carry along protein powder and multi-vitamin supplements to make-up for the nutrient-lacking outside food. Protein powder can be mixed in drinks like juices, mocktails, shakes, etc. and take one multi-vitamin capsule per day. This will make ensure that you feel energetic and indulge in outdoor activities without feeling fatigued.


Finally, let’s look at some vacation tips

  1. For every unhealthy meal, you have to follow it up with 2 healthy meals
  2. If you have had a heavy lunch take the stairs or walk up to the next destination if its within 2 km.
  3.  If you have had too much of carb-laden beverages or alcohol don’t to it up with carb-rich foods instead opt for salads and roasted chicken etc

Vacation is surely a chance to relax and unwind. Don’t let yourself lose out on the fun!!

Do something every day towards your health. Remember every small decision and the little things you do around it counts!!

Travel is one of the best ways to break the cycle of stress. Click here to read what else you can do!

Big Cheers from me to you on staying healthy on vacation.

Happy Holidaying!!!!

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