About Us

YellowSquash is a community-based marketplace for global wellness entrepreneurs (both in services and products). We provide platform and technology to enable sustainable & holistic wellness professionals to be successful, right from generating leads, sales, execution and tracking.

We are on-boarding wellness experts such as Dietitians/ Nutritionists/ Yoga & Meditation Experts/ Psychologists/ Alternate Medicine practitioners / Leadership Coaches etc who can start contributing their content on our platform, while other features are getting developed. We have a compelling offering for the Experts. Get in touch with us at info@yellowsquash.in .

For the consumers, we create health awareness through our enriching content and help them reach their health goals through our world-class Experts, tools, programs and products. Currently, we have started with online wellness programs.

Fleurish is our Workplace Wellness offering, focused mainly on online programs currently. We have 70+ Wellness Experts from domains like Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Homeopathy, Diet & Nutrition, Fitness & Strengthening, Ergonomics & Physiotherapy, Emotional Wellness, Psychology, Leadership Grooming, Coaching and so on.