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importance of cholesterol

This is why cholesterol isn’t as bad as you thought

Cholesterol has a bad reputation, thanks to its well-known role in promoting heart disorders. But...

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5 Reasons Why Low-Fat Diets May Not be a Good Idea

It’s an age-old belief that low-fat diets are good for you, especially if you’re obese...

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Ketogenic Diet For Indian Vegetarians and Vegans

Maybe you’ve heard the term “keto diet” a lot from health freaks or some of...

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Saturated Fats: Probably not as bad as you thought

Saturated fats are a rather interesting type of fat present in the food you consume...

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mono and polyunsaturated fats

Dietary Fats: All you need to know about Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated Fats

Also known as MUFA and PUFA, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are the “healthy dietary fats”...

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avocado is rich in unsaturated fats

Unsaturated Fats: Are they good for your health?

Unsaturated fats are one of the most important classes of fat in your diet. They...

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Healthy fat salmon, avocado, oil, nuts. Selective focus

What Are Fatty Acids and Why Do We Need Them?

What are fatty acids? How are they different from fats? The importance of fatty acids...

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Why Are Trans Fats Bad For Health?

We all love our deep-fried junk food. Fried foods are rich in trans fats and...

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