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How Plant-Based Diet Helped Us Fight Cancer and Disease!

Almost 10 years ago, we went ‘cold turkey’, adopting a plant-based diet. We didn’t know...

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Health Benefits of Bell Pepper: The Sweet Pepper

Bell pepper is sweeter in taste compared to other varieties of pepper which are spicy,...

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dark chocolate reduces blood pressure

7 Foods That Lower High Blood Pressure

According to a 2016 study conducted by the Imperial College London, the number of people...

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Health Benefits of Eating Beetroot: The Way to Beat Your Illness

Sweet and delicious in taste, low in calories and fat, an excellent source of folate...

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Health Benefits of Olive: The Divine Superfood

The history of the olive tree involves a beautiful myth from ancient Greece. The Goddess...

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chia seeds

Chia Seeds Health Benefits: A Superfood in its own!

We have been eating chia seeds since ancient times as a powerful source of energy,...

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How does the sumptuous Indian meal provide our daily dose of protein?

Love Indian food? Yes, so do we! But, is your diet meeting your body’s protein...

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Amla: The Ayurvedic Superfood You Should Take

Amla derives its name from the Sanskrit word ‘Amlaki’ meaning “nectar of life”, and it...

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How to Stay Healthy on a Vacation?

I often come across clients asking me "Do you think it's a good idea to...

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