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11 Effective Functional Foods for a Healthy Heart

“My heart is beating, keeps on repeating” I am sure you all remember this famous...

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How are Cholesterol and Heart Health Related?

Did you know cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the leading cause of mortality in India? In...

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dark chocolate reduces blood pressure

7 Foods That Lower High Blood Pressure

According to a 2016 study conducted by the Imperial College London, the number of people...

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What is Visceral Fat and How Can You Reduce It?

Body fat can be of several types, each with their own unique roles and properties....

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Importance of Healthy Gut for your Well-Being!

Our gut is responsible for putting our body into working order as it breaks down...

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Foods for diabetes

6 Foods That Help You Manage Diabetes Better

To manage diabetes you do not necessarily need to eat a completely sugar-free diet. A...

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Is Coconut Oil Pure Poison?

Coconut oil had been touted as a "health-food" all across the world in the past...

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