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6 Health Benefits of Copper You Wish You Knew Before

Copper was used by the early Roman Civilization to improve hygiene. It was believed that...

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iron deficiency

How To Overcome Iron Deficiency With Diet?

Unless one suffers from serious implications of iron deficiency, chances are that the most important...

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Pregnancy Diet Plan 101: Importance of Different Nutrients

Pregnancy is one of the most emotional and deeply personal journeys a woman embarks on....

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mineral salt

Mineral salt or Table Salt – What Should You Choose?

Did you know that in ancient Rome, salt was so valuable that the soldiers were...

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Magnesium – The Miracle Mineral For Your Diet!

Magnesium plays a central role in almost every biological process, from the synthesis of DNA...

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Iodine, when combined with potassium, forms potassium iodide. Potassium iodide, when added to processed salt, produces iodized salt.

6 Iodine Benefits You Should Know About

Remember the TV advertisements where they market salt as iodized? Ever wondered why they do...

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Chromium: The Lesser Known Micronutrient

Chromium micronutrient is a trace mineral that helps the body utilize the fats and carbohydrates...

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Calcium - The Strucural Foundation For Healthy Bones

Calcium – The Structural Foundation For Healthy Bones

The human body needs calcium during all its life stages. Right from a foetus to...

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Iron: Body’s Oxygen Ferry

Iron is an essential nutrient that supports several critical life functions. Every cell of our...

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Benefits of Manganese: The Powerful Antioxidant Mineral

Manganese is a naturally occurring mineral which is required by our bodies in very small...

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