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Paleo Diet: How It Works?

The food humans have subsisted on for most of our history is very different from...

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white pepper

6 Reasons To Include White Pepper In Your Diet

Pepper is one of the most popular spices in the world. The outer layer of black...

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Jaggery: A Winter Delicacy

In recent times, when sugar is being vilified as dangerous for our health, the rustic...

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The Refreshing Peppermint: 8 Health Benefits You Should Know

Peppermint is much more than just a flavouring for your gums and candies. The therapeutic...

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The Pungent Hot Cayenne Pepper: 6 Health Benefits

Cayenne pepper or lal mirch is an integral part of many recipes in India. This herb, which...

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Guava: The Queen of Fruits

Guavas are a favourite for many due to its combination of sweet and sour flavour...

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