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Health Benefits of Turmeric – The Ayurvedic Super Agent!

Turmeric is probably the most important spice in Indian dishes and possibly, the most powerful...

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Health Benefits of The Super Grain Quinoa

Quinoa is a whole grain with low glycemic index, healthy fats (Omega-3's and Omega-9's), and...

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Health Benefits of Zucchini – The Summer Squash

You would have heard it a million times – it’s critical to stay hydrated, especially...

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6 Surprising Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper or lal mirch is an integral part of many recipes in India. This herb, which...

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Black Pepper – The King of Spices

Black pepper is native to the Southern Indian state of Kerala and is extensively cultivated...

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Health Benefits of Jaggery: A Winter Delicacy

Jaggery is an ancient South Asian food which has a reference in Vedas and ancient...

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health benefits of moringa

Health Benefits of Moringa or Drumsticks

Drumsticks or moringa is beginning to gain more popularity as a new nutritious superfood. It...

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Health Benefits of Guava: The Queen of Fruits

Guavas are a favourite for many due to its combination of sweet and sour flavour...

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Are Millets the next Superfood?

The health food industry is a highly competitive world, with new titles being bequeathed to...

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