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The handle is held by the core content team from YellowSquash.

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The handle is held by the core content team from YellowSquash.

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The Crucial Link Between Gut Health and Brain

Your gut health and brain is more interconnected than you may think. The bidirectional relationship...

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6 Interesting Facts About Your Gut Health

The importance of gut health is often neglected. Your gut does so much more than...

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nutrient absorption

Nutrient Absorption: The Science Behind and Other Secrets

“Eat this or else you won’t get big and healthy” is something we all have...

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Diabesity: The Twin Epidemics of Diabetes and Obesity

According to statistics, approximately 425 million adults in the age group of 20-79 years are...

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millets crop

Are Millets the next Superfood?

The health food industry is a highly competitive world, with new titles being bequeathed to...

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How to Switch to a Low Glycemic Index Diet?

The benefits of a low glycemic index diet are many, which include weight loss, improved...

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gluten intolerance

Gluten Intolerance – Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Management

Have you noticed the increase in the number of gluten-free products in the market? You...

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5 Simple Diet Tips for Weight Loss

Losing pounds doesn't have to be torturous. Often, people believe that crash diets which actually...

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Athletes and Carbohydrates: The Master Fuel

Carbohydrates are extremely important for the normal functioning of our body. It is especially important...

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